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Writing About Writing About Improv

One thing I do when I’m not working, running game nights, being awesome, or snuggling kittens is take improv classes. I was also the Official Level 1 Class Blogger, for a time, a gig I tried to extend out to Level 2. It was pretty awesome, except.

Writing about improv feels…wrong. Should you edit your work? Should you include every-single-thought you’re having, even if most of them are about snuggling kittens or being awesome? What about formatting? Left-hand-aligned says “Gosh, I’m so boring.” Right-hand says “Look at me, I’m so quirky and probably also left handed!” Justified: “Gosh, I’m so boring and probably also always wear gray suits.” Centered: “Probably high right now.” Lawful Evil: “Hey, you can’t actually format text that way.”

Anyway. There’s a lot going on behind the scenes of writing about improv. But much like improv itself, you can have all the ideas in the world, but they’re not all going to come out on stage, and probably not like you thought. A little message from me to you: Don’t overthink it. Not in improv, and not in writing.