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I Want a Girl With a Long List and a Small Suitcase

Pete and I are starting to gear up for our honeymoon – in my case, literally. My “proper” suitcases that I used all throughout my teens and in college were stored in our basement where they mildewed really badly. But beyond that, I’ve wanted to be a “one bag traveler” for a long time, and have a universal packing list for forever. So this is my chance to play world traveler for a bit.

We’ll be in Paris for three weeks, so obviously I spent a few days searching “three weeks in Paris in a carry on” and only found a handful of articles. So I thought I’d throw my own mix into the mix in hopes that it helps some other obsessive searcher plan their own bag:

Three Weeks in Paris
  • 3 lightweight button down shirts
  • A long-sleeved t-shirt
  • 2 short-sleeved t-shirts
  • A tank top
  • A short chambray skirt
  • A long maxi skirt
  • A red jersey dress
  • A gray cardigan
  • Some neutral jewelry
  • Black mary janes
  • Brown flat boots

I’m also planning on bringing a couple of pairs of leggings, a black jersey dress and possibly a very lightweight pair of running shoes. A travel pillow, iPad, journal, scarf and (empty) water bottle round out everything I think I’ll want on this trip.

While I’m normally a  big color fan, I decided to go super-neutral on this trip. I have a couple of punches of pattern to keep everything somewhat interesting, but for the most part, everything goes with everything else. I did some math and I counted up 88 outfits without getting creative.

I’m planning to stash all of this in the eBags TLS Motherlode Weekender convertible bag which I LOVE so far. I had my heart set on a Tom Bihn bag, but the price was just not doing it for me. For the same price, I got this bag, the travel pillow, two of the button downs I’m taking on this trip, an extra pair of leggings, and a handful of other odds and ends. A pretty great deal.

I’m going to review the bag both before and after my trip, as well as do a packing video – I think I’m developing a slight obsession with packing. If you don’t see me for awhile, it’s because I’m busy repacking…again…