Designing & Writing About Design

So, last week I got some tremendous news: After writing a small handful of guest articles, I was invited to join the League of Gamemakers as a regular writer. My first piece went up last week, and it’s about designing games with your partner.

Meanwhile, I’ve been writing for Play Unplugged for a few months (upcoming: my review of Sellswords!). It’s been interesting to write about the world of games from these two perspectives. As a designer, I want to critique games and think about what I would have done better. But as a reviewer, it’s important to think about what’s been presented, rather than how I would do it.

I’ve enjoyed covering the world of games from both of these angles. I’m hoping that some of my other upcoming projects also shed new light on the world of game design (Pete is planning to start a print-and-play review blog, I’m jumping into the world of video reviews, and of course, I want to keep my own Concise Critiques going). In the meantime, if anybody wants to talk game design, I’m on Twitter as @athingforjaz.

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