February 2013 archive

One Step at a Time

Did you know there are lots of things you need to do to start a blog? You have to:

  • img_1Design a totes bitchin’ theme
  • Write like, three months of posts and backdate them so you look prolific
  • Come up with a bajillion topics
  • Have something super, duper interesting to say
  • Take fantastic pictures and know how to edit them
  • Make like, ten Internet BFFs so you can interview them on your blog

I’ve started and stopped and done half of half of these steps a million and one times. I could count on both hands and probably some toes the number of blogs I’ve started, written in one time, and immediately abandoned. There was the fashion blog, the social media blog, the personal and realistic “gritty real life” blog, and even the blog where I methodically calculated (just one time) all of the items in my purse.

img_2There are a few things that kept me from going. The main one, the thing I still battle, is that running a blog feels a lot like vanity. “Me, me, ME!” they seem to scream. “Pay attention to my life! I have something INTERESTING to say!”

I don’t want to do that. Talking about how I feel so many feels seems overwhelmingly self-indulgent. But blogging, as well I know, is about more than that. It’s about solving problems, helping people, building relationships, networking – and sure, showing off a few pictures of your OMGsocute new shoes.

A Bit of Background

img_3I’ve been a professional blogger for several years now. Yes, I get paid to write blogs. I can take your list of keywords and make them sound legitimate and more than that, interesting. I’ve been spicing up corporate communiques and written thousands of words on how, exactly, grant funding in Australia can help you achieve your highest goals, all with a healthy sprinkling of SEO goodness.

Until I got my most recent job, I lived the keyboard-for-hire existence and learned the hard way that writing isn’t always about having something fascinating to say or knowing exactly how to structure your words. This is the Internet. You’re not trying to write Moby Dick. Sometimes, putting your butt in a chair,  opening your laptop, and typing 120-words-a-minute for two hours is what you’ve gotta do.

So Why Now? 

img_4I realized that I’ve had this WordPress registered for damn near two years. It’s kind of sad that you can sit on something that awesome for that long without actually taking steps to make it happen. Why have this teeny, tiny dream in the back of your head and never act on it?

The first step is the hardest. The first draft is always the most painful. The first cupcake tastes the worst. Sometimes it sucks to do the things you most want to do. But if you don’t lace up your shoes, open your laptop or buy the stand mixer, you’ll never be a runner/blogger/cupcake genius.

So now, with a few hundred thousand words of corporate blogging under my belt, I’ve finally decided to take the first step into running my very own, for-realsies-this-time-I-mean-it-you-guys blog.

You’re Not Very Interesting So Far

Excellent point, Internet.

What in the Ever Loving Hell Are You Going to Write About?

Oh man, Internet, you are really on the ball today. In the past, I think my online ventures have failed because I tried to focus too hard. So instead, I present to you a melange of things that I’m interested in:

It’s time to write about things that are interesting to me instead of to some corporate audience out there that I’m not entirely sure exists. If you like it too, hooray! Welcome to the club.